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Refractory Materials


Onex refractory materials includes castables that are hydraulic-setting refractories consisting of granular refractory aggregates and chemical binders. They are shipped dry and when mixed with water to the desired consistency may be poured like concrete, troweled or applied with an air gun.  Castables take a strong hydraulic set at room temperatures and maintain good strength until the desired ceramic bond is developed with increased temperature.  Castables are available in a number of base materials, including fire clay, high alumina, chrome and insulating aggregates.  Additives can make castables resistant to chemical spalling, withstand severe abrasion or non-wetting to aluminum.

Ceramic Fiber Products

Onex’s refractory materials also includes Ceramic Fiber Products for best availability as per the client requirement.  Ceramic fiber products are characterized by low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, excellent thermal shock resistance, light weight, and superior corrosion resistance.  We offer different types of ceramic products such as ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber blankets, ceramic fiber papers, ceramic fiber rope, ceramic fiber cloth and tape, ceramic fiber pumpable, and ceramic fiber vacuum formed shapes.

Firebrick & Insulating Brick

  • Fireclay brick have five general classes known as superduty, high-duty, semi-silica, medium-duty and low-duty. The outstanding properties of fireclay brick are high refractoriness, unusual strength and negligible shrinkage at high temperatures, low porosity, and resistance to spalling.
  • Alumina brick
  • Insulating brick


Brick are laid with a mortar material of the proper quality.  The strength of the masonry depends upon the strength of the individual brick, the manner in which they are laid together and the nature of the mortar material used in the joints.  Refractory mortar materials are divided into two general classes: heat-setting mortars and air-setting mortars.  Heat-setting mortars require relatively high temperatures to develop a ceramic set, in contrast with air-setting mortars which take a rigid set merely upon drying.

Plastic Refractories

Plastic refractories are used for forming refractory monolithic linings in various furnaces and are especially adaptable for making quick, economical emergency repairs.  They are easily rammed to any shape or contour.  Plastic refractories may be purchased in fireclay, high-alumina, and chrome types depending upon many different operating conditions.


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