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Knowledge & Expertise

Finding Hidden Problems
Onex can help our customers cut their energy costs, increase operational efficiency, improve quality, and create a safer work environment.
Continuous Improvement
Quality is a high priority and many of our customers seek our help to improve profitability by identifying hidden problems in the areas of safety, delivery, and quality.
Our Experience Matters
At Onex, we have experienced technicians to properly analyze the performance of your furnace, and address problems before there is a costly failure.

Furnace Experts

With over 50 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and servicing high quality furnaces and equipment for heat intensive industries, Onex’s team has the deep technical expertise required to support all your furnace-related needs. We offer a wide range of refractory materials, custom precast shapes and combustion services. Equipment failures and downtime are extremely costly, so Onex also provides affordable preventative technical services to ensure your operation operates efficiently, profitably, and safely.


Years of furnace experience. High quality equipment and products. Responsive technical services. Onex is truly your Furnace Expert.


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