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Knowledge & Expertise

Finding Hidden Problems
Onex can help our customers cut their energy costs, increase operational efficiency, improve quality, and create a safer work environment.
Continuous Improvement
Quality is a high priority and many of our customers hold Kaizen events to improve profitability by identifying hidden problems in the areas of safety, delivery, and quality.
Our Experience Matters
At Onex, we have experienced technicians to properly analyze the performance of your furnace, and address problems before there is a costly failure.

Furnace Experts

At Onex, we specialize in custom designed furnace solutions. We can design a complete furnace for your custom space requirements and tighter government specifications. Our builds produce energy efficient, operationally cheaper designs that work closely with other furnaces manufacturers to design, build, and manage projects from combustion and controls to metal fabrication, refractory installation and dry out.

We can also analyze your furnaces and identify problems or potential problems that you may not be aware of.  Catching and correcting a problem while it is small can prevent significant expense later on. Check out the full video on our YouTube channel!


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