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Onex Marketing: Past, Present and Future

The fundamental purpose of marketing is to attract consumers to your brand through messaging.  Ideally, that messaging will be helpful and educational to your target audience so consumers will be converted into leads.

The idea of marketing is not a new concept.  In fact, marketing began during the Industrial Revolution.  During this era, purchasing goods became easier for a consumer than making things themselves thanks to innovation in scientific and technological industries. Mass production created competitors engaging in the same endeavor to serve the needs of a growing consumer market.  The producers had to find better ways to develop products consumers wanted and a more sophisticated approach to informing them about these commodities.

In the 1960s, marketing management developed to be an essential part of business success.  Marketers were involved in everything from strategic planning to determining the best methods to communicate information about products and services to consumers.

So, how is it that in 2017 I found Onex without a sales and marketing process?

At the time, Onex drove revenue by salesman calling directly on clients.  Each salesman had their own accounts/territories. Quotations were produced but they were not stored in a central location.  There was no sales forecasting tool or customer resource management system.

Not only did Onex not have a good sales process, we had no real marketing efforts. We did not perform market research and analysis of our clients to understand their needs or interests.  We did not communicate with clients outside of sales calls to gauge customers awareness of our products or services. And, our website looked like a PDF file. At best, we had a few advertisements in industry magazines plus some ball caps and notepads as handouts. Not to mention the expensive, tri-fold brochures that everyone throws away.

In 2017, I launched a sales and marketing optimization process.  We used a third-party consultant to develop a roadmap for the journey and hired an intern to implement the roadmap. 

Originally, we had all sorts of excuses like “Our clients are not on social media.” But, what we quickly came to realize is, they are.  What about, “We don’t want our competitors to see our work.”  Well, why not? Newsflash…they have similar products and services as competitors and it is our job to inform the consumer why they should work with Onex.

And, so began our journey to building a sales and marketing process:

  • Internet marketing: We launched a new website that was mobile friendly.  Instead of only showcasing products and services, we integrated the stories of the people making the product or performing the service.
  • Social media marketing: Onex is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.  We use these networks to create impressions on our target audience over time.
  • Video marketing: We create and publish all kinds of videos to showcase our products, services and the processes we use to complete our work.
  • Blog marketing: Our blogs provide either technical or educational information.  We use them to increase brand awareness establishing ourselves as a thought leader in the industry.
  • Customer resource management: Hubspot is used to store all client communications in regard to requests for proposals and ongoing projects. The tool helps us forecast future revenue and stay in touch with clients.

Today, marketing is an advanced blend of strategy and technology. Marketing entails product development, market research, product distribution, sales strategy, public relations and customer support. Marketing is necessary in all stages of a business’s selling journey, and it can use numerous platforms, social media channels and organizational teams to identify the target audience while communicating and building brand loyalty.

How do you use your marketing department to drive revenue?

-Ashleigh Walters

Although Onex has come a long way since 2017, marketing is a never-ending job, so I was hired on to take on the role of Marketing Coordinator to continue that progression. I was thankful to have a job out of college, but I had no idea how my interest in manufacturing would grow. I approached my new role with ambition and a newfound desire to learn about manufacturing.

I graduated with a degree in Advertising/PR and had little marketing experience prior to being hired. Every day in the office is a new chance to grow my knowledge whether it be in marketing, the industry, our products, client needs or anything surrounding these ideas.  

Since being hired, I have actively taken on the role of producing our social media, internet and video marketing campaigns and transforming our customer resource management database into a more reliable tool so we can use it in the future for an easier forecasting process. I have also created an Onex brand guide which will be used to solidify consistency and regularity into our workspace and our work we send to our clients.

Onex thrives on relationship marketing within our local community and clients as they build strong connections with our company. At Onex, our team understands client needs and in turn, they trust that we will engineer the best solution for those needs.

Where do we need some work?

CTA marketing and search marketing is a start. I plan to research and generate prospective leads to target with ad campaigns in the future to gain relevant site traffic which can be turned into leads. I also plan to use search engine optimization to benefit our company

The future of marketing for Onex will include more project and financial forecasting, systematic approaches to clients and documentation, strategically generating leads and promoting and enforcing a sense of brand consistency.

A marketing goal for me is to be able to use HubSpot to its full capability to forecast projects and promote the right products at the right time. Our marketing efforts will also include sponsoring more social media posts, creating Google ads, pushing relevant email campaigns and using search engine optimization to create positive brand awareness and a constant flow of leads.

It has been great expanding my knowledge in the marketing and manufacturing over the past six months and I am very excited to see what my future at Onex holds. I am thankful for the opportunity to grow as a person and in my profession with a team who supports me and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure I am learning everything I need to know.

-Taylor Smith

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