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Onex Announces a New President


Ashleigh Walters has been announced President of Onex, Inc. in Erie, PA Ashleigh Walters has accepted the position from General Manager to President of the company.

Ashleigh is a degreed Chemical Engineer from Auburn University, and joined Onex in 2003 as a Sales Engineer in the Charleston, SC office. Over the last 15 years she has advanced through several increasing levels of responsibility at Onex facilities in Charlotte, NC, Pittsburgh, Pa., and Erie, Pa.

In her most recent position as General Manager of Onex Inc., she led the Company through a comprehensive restructuring and repositioning process. She was instrumental in helping to develop a Strategic Plan that led to significant new investments for the future, both for the benefit of Onex employees and their families and also for the benefit of our customers and our community at large.

We have every confidence that Ashleigh will strengthen Onex’s position as a technology innovator in our industry, and that she is the right person to lead our company forward during these tumultuous times. She has the knowledge, ability, dedication, and management skills to ensure that Onex will continue to be a viable and successful manufacturing company in a rapidly changing world.

Michael Comerford has stated, “With the renewed emphasis on manufacturing in this country, we are optimistic about the future and hopeful that Congress and the new Administration will work together to make our country a manufacturing powerhouse once again.”

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