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Mind the Gap

Overview: Manufacturing Impacted by Skills Gap

This white paper outlines the current complications the skills gap has on the manufacturing community. Included solutions that explain the generation gap, gender gap, as well as, outsourcing services due to shrinking maintenance crews.  Future white papers will discuss predictive maintenance and how knowledge and outsourcing can save on the bottom line.

Onex conducted a survey to ask manufacturers who use outsource vendors what qualities they find are most important in an outsource vendor. Results show that the number one answer is trust in the company they are doing business with.


About Onex

Onex, Inc. is a family owned business supplying industrial furnace services. Our mission is to be a strategic consultant for our clients with a goal of understanding their operation and optimize their processes that will give them a superior competitive advantage in the marketplace. We are staffed with many experienced professionals to provide technical solutions for your refractory and combustion.

Benefits of working with Onex:

  • Our commitment to providing unique and cost-effective solutions to optimize processes and decreased downtime
  • Flexible manufacturing solutions using the best material for the job
  • Excellent Safety record

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