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MFG Day 2017 Recap

MFG Day Breakout Session with Ashleigh Walters

MFG Day 2017 Recap

On October 11, 2017 Ashleigh Walters attended the Manufacturer’s and Business Association’s annual MFG Day in Erie. This event is a celebration of modern manufacturing and built to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. As Erie’s economy relies on the manufacturing careers, our goal is to teach students about the endless possibilities a manufacturing career has.

Breakout Sessions

For Ashleigh’s breakout session speech, she had students write instructions to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Then, concluded with how we build a microprocessor for our control panels. She states, “Microprocessors can perform complex tasks when given a precise set of instructions that break that task down into simple steps. The microprocessors are programmed to handle different situation but unlike a human brain, the microprocessor cannot make decisions. Therefore, the instructions or program must be very exact”.

Rally Speech

In addition to the breakout sessions, Ashleigh was also the Keynote speaker for the rally. She talked about finding what you love to do and how you can apply it to any aspect of manufacturing. “Manufacturing careers are in high demand because they vary in so many ways. You can obtain a technical diploma or a four-year degree. You can be a fabricator, machinist, CNC operator, field service engineer or a design engineer. Companies in our local area need highly skilled candidates to work in modern facilities with up to date technology. The opportunities are limitless!”

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