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“Just-in-time” got you in a bind?

As the pandemic has grown and enveloped all our lives, we all continue to struggle with yesterday’s lagging issues and each day unsettling health and economic news.  It seems just trying to look further ahead than tomorrow is a challenge all on its own.  This balance of learning from the past, keeping on top of today’s latest issues, and trying to make plans for a future without a roadmap is stressful, to say the least. As any new parent eventually finds out, there is no manual. So goes our “approach” to COVID-19. We will all do our best and will survive, adjusting together to the new “normal”.

As the re-allocation of transportation priorities for essential products came to pass during this pandemic, there was also uncertainty amongst companies if they should, or would, run any time soon. To add to the distress, many companies found themselves sitting on canceled or delayed JIT orders, or worse, and working in reverse, key components to fulfill that ever important order was nowhere to be found and orders could not be filled.  Nothing worse than losing orders, or not fulfilling a contract based upon a glitch in the supply chain during the time we need it to remain viable. Supply chains can be disrupted by many issues well beyond a pandemic, so always  keep your options open, remain flexible to change, and develop solid relationships with ALL your suppliers including those secondary sources that the relationship is not as strong or is only a convenient source for a “competitive” quote. Keep them interested (orders!!) and engaged (technical assistance?) and looking out for your companies’ best interest. That supplier may be the ones with the last critical part you need to finish an order, so make a true effort to partner with them. Now more than ever, we need the to focus on domestic sourcing and redundancy in our supply chain systems.

What is your POST INCIDENT GAME PLAN and how Onex can help?

  • Materials: We maintain two (2) large Pennsylvania based distribution centers serving customers throughout the Northeast and Mid-West USA shipping and servicing all industrial locations throughout the country. We welcome your inquiry, even for those items you may not normally purchase from Onex. Our numerous resources allow us to provide exact product replacement, or an acceptable substitute, if required, and with your approval. Brick, Castable, Plastics, Rams, Mortars, Ceramic Fiber are all available through our facilities. We will also assist our customers on any material requalification’s required to make a change (samples, technical data, direct technical support), so feel free to ask.
  • Stocking:  As alluded to above, JIT customers/JIT suppliers may require more assurance in supplies of key parts, both in the number of suppliers as well as number of pieces. Since the months ahead are uncertain, let us know if Onex can stock a specific product that will be closer to your plant and provides you needed redundancy and some peace of mind.
  • Pre-cast and mold making capabilities: With extensive casting and furnace capacity, we can help get you out of a spot or become a regular supplier. The Onex pre-cast shop includes mold making capabilities as well. A must for quick turn arounds.
  • Trucking: The above three (3) features are no good without a way to move it (a continuing issue of the pandemic). Customers are certainly encouraged to use their preferred logistics vendor, but Onex can also offer delivery services via our dedicated, professional CDL drivers and newer trucks. The flexibility in our scheduling is a big feature of our trucking services. Ask for a quote.
  • FINALLY: If you just have a technical question or need to run something by Onex, find all ourcontact info @ www.onexinc.com.

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