Blue Diamond Quenching Systems

Blue Diamond Quenching Systems

Quenching systems are designed based on product size and weight. At Onex, we build and maintain customized quench tanks. Onex Blue Diamond Quenching Systems can be provided for Water, oil or polymer. Quenching tanks can be integrated into a cell with multiple furnaces and coupled with automated quenching via fork transfer into the tank.

Blue Diamond Quenching Systems Design Specifications

  • Powerful circulation of the quenching medium
  • Controlled heating systems
  • Fill-level control
  • Automatic refill system in case of water as quenching medium
  • Connection port for customer’s cooling system
  • Cooling system for the quenching medium
  • Oil separator for quench tanks with water
  • Integration of bath temperature in the process control and documentation
Quenching Systems

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