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Cremator Repair

With a deep history dating back to 3000 BC, cremation has grown as
a respectful alternative to burial. This is due to greater acceptance and with support from both religious organizations and the medical community. In the US, cremation is a growing trend, being chosen in almost 50% of cases. In
certain parts of the world it can be as high as 95%, depending on population density, land availability and religious considerations. Additionally, as our pets have become beloved family members, respectful pet cremation is also becoming more popular. All these factors are driving rapid growth in the cremation industry and increasing demand for reliable cremator services, materials, and repairs.

With over 50 years in the industry, Onex respects the important role crematoriums play in our society. As experts in cremators, refractory and servicing of combustion systems, Onex is a knowledgeable and reliable partner to ensure your operation is reliable and working to specification.

Onex offers a broad range of capabilities to support the many needs of our clients:

  • We are a full-service supplier of skilled OSHA certified tradesmen willing to travel to meet your refractory repair or construction needs; wherever you are located.
  • Skilled technicians and engineers to help optimize an older controller system or assist you in the finding high quality and cost-effective technology to upgrade.
  • Full-service distributor and manufacturer of materials and pre-cast shapes. Regardless if it’s hearth, roof, walls, or lower chamber (castable, insulating fire brick, hard brick, or ceramic fiber) Onex offers the right materials for your needs.
  • We are unbiased. As a representative of major refractory manufacturers worldwide, we are able to recommend the most cost-effective materials for your specific needs.
  • We believe in getting it right the first time. We consider wear patterns, material specifications, and input from your unit operator to ensure we select the best solution for your operation.

Below  area  few  of  the  many  cremator  services  Onex  provides:

  • New hearths employing modern alkaline resistant materials
  • Repairs to insulating fire brick
  • Combustion services including burner tune ups and NFPA testing
  • Fiber repairs
  • Hard brick repair and installation
  • Many others

When in need of a repair or upgrade, our experts are responsive and helpful. Contact Onex today.


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