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Providing refractory and combustion options to the cremation industry.

Providing refractory and combustion options to the cremation industry

With a centuries long history dating back to 3000 BC , todays modern day human cremation resurgence came  in the late 1800’s after a nearly 1500 year gap beginning in 400 AD. Earthen burial was the preferred method for the dominant religion(s) of those days.  This newly found acceptance was a way to deal with (not only) the disease issues of that time period, with the support of the medical community, but also as acceptance grew among larger religious faiths of the country. Crematories began to spring up (and for further discussion) so did the manufacturers of the equipment to serve this market. The respectful cremation of the human body has gained mainstream acceptance and represents close to 50% of the handling of the deceased. In certain parts of the world it can be as high as 95%, depending on population density, land availability and most significant, religious considerations. 

How can Onex help?

With the increase in the acceptance of cremation, so came the number of equipment manufacturers in the cremation industry. Consolidation, and name changes, has created many changes, and challenges, in the industry over these past few years. These days, there is a 50/50 chance that the name you call from your cremators plate will re-direct you to a new company, or even worse, a number no longer in service! Further, you may find the new “combined company “may not be as responsive as you need (or prefer), to your immediate needs. This is how Onex, with over 50 years of service to the industry, can help you:

  • A full-service supplier of skilled tradesmen (bricklayers and laborers, all OSHA certified). This is Onex’s core group of seasoned professionals, all willing to travel to meet your needs, wherever you are.
  •  A full-service combustion and control group at the ready. Our technicians and engineers will do their best to help you work your way through a dated controller system or to assist you in the best available ( and most cost effective) technology to upgrade your current system, whatever your needs may be.
  • An unbiased approach to the best materials for your cremator. As a representative of the major refractory manufacturers worldwide, we can offer todays best available technology for any unit you may have. Be it hearth, roof, walls, or lower chamber (castable, insulating fire brick, hard brick, or ceramic fiber) we can help. We will work closely with you on material selection, based upon specific wear patterns, material testing (if required) and , most importantly, input from the unit operator as to the events and observations leading up to  the unit’s failure. 
  • A full-service provider of materials and pre-cast shapes. Not only can Onex provide you with refractory and combustion services at your location, we can also offer those same materials, including pre-cast shapes, from our western Pennsylvania locations(s). This includes super duty brick, castable, mortars, refractory rams and plastics, Insulating firebrick, and ceramic fiber-based products (including modules).

Give us a call or email

  • Onex’s Jake Pursell, Cremation Construction Manager( jake.pursell@onexinc.com) is available to help you with any needs you may have. To reach him immediately, call 814-873-6957 (cell). 
  • Check out Onex @ www.onexinc.com
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