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Thermal Imaging

thermal imaging analysisAt Onex, we use the most advanced technology to locate any problems within your furnace that can interrupt normal operations. Issues include uneven heating and hot spots which can lead to increased fuel costs and unsafe environments. Our experts use FLIR thermography to see visual representations of the furnace and its heating elements in real time which allows us to detect problems earlier and save you downtime and money.

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Failure Analysis

thermal imaging furnace servicesTo save you money, before a costly failure becomes present, our technicians will analyze the performance of your furnace by assessing the combustion system, refractories, process controls and the furnace structure. If a failure is detected, we will recommend a list of solutions including repairs, replacements or upgrades to allow your equipment to perform to its highest capability.

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Quality Improvement

One goal of our professional team is help you identify action items during your Kaizen event which will improve profitability by identifying safety, delivery and quality issues. We believe that the key to success is continuous improvement and making things better so we will help you develop a corrective hypothesis, support implementation of the new method and evaluate results to ensure your equipment is running properly. We want to help you become a lean manufacturing facility which includes saving costs on energy, reducing labor hours and increasing product quality.

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