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Thermal Imaging

thermal imaging analysisAt Onex, Inc. our consulting services start with using the latest tools and technology to detect wear and tear of normal operations of a furnace. Left untreated these issues can begin heating unevenly and develop dangerous hot spots. The operator is often unaware of these conditions which lead to increased fuel costs, irregularities in furnace operations,  unsafe environments, and lead to catastrophic failures. FLIR thermography is a highly effective tool for diagnosing furnace performance by giving our technicians a visual representation of your furnace in real time.
With early warning, you have an opportunity to proactively correct issues before the equipment fails and you incur costly maintenance down time.

Using technology such as the FLIR Onex can help our customers cut their energy costs, increase operational efficiency, improve quality and create a safer work environment.

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Failure Analysis

thermal imaging furnace servicesAt Onex, we have experienced technicians to properly analyze the performance of your furnace, and address problems before there is a costly failure. Our approach includes assessing the combustion system, refractories, process controls and the physical structure including doors and hinges.

We use FLIR thermal imaging and we collect samples of materials for testing if needed. Our technicians employ quality practices such as a fishbone diagram to identify defects and root causes of failures.

Based on the analysis, we can recommend the proper solution. Solutions including repairs, material replacements or upgrade to materials that will perform better and last longer to save you money. Proper analysis and information allows our customers to make better business decisions.

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Quality Improvement

Quality is a high priority and customers typically hold Kaizen events to improve profitability by identifying hidden problems in the areas of safety, delivery, and quality. At Onex we’re your partner in Quality. After you identify action items during your Kaizen event, Onex will help you implement a PDCA (plan-do-check-act) project cycle to support a culture of continuous improvement.

We will help develop a corrective hypothesis, support implementation of the new method, evaluate the results and adjust accordingly. In addition, our procurement and materials experts can also support your Plant Workshop Events (mini-Kaizens). Let Onex help you become a lean manufacturing facility to save on energy costs, reduce labor hours, and increase product quality.

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