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Manufacturing Survey Overview

Onex, Inc. conducted a survey to current employees that asked what manufacturing meant to them and to share their story with how they were introduced to the manufacturing field. Below are the data collected charts on the answers provided. We asked questions such as “when you think of manufacturing, what comes to mind?” “would you encourage your children/grandchildren to go into the field of manufacturing?” and so on. One of the largest concerns for our communities is to be able to have enough jobs for families to stay in the area and not have to relocate due to a job shortage.  I am proud to report that 77% of those surveyed have been able to remain in their communities. Another hot topic is how we as a country have encouraged children to go to college and neglected to focus on the required skills of trades that manufacturing so desperately needs. I am happy to say that 85% of those surveyed would encourage their family members to pursue a manufacturing career.

The one response that was to be expected after asking “When you think of manufacturing what comes to mind?” was dirty jobs, but yet every answer included positive feedback, such as technology, innovation, and job creation. Those who work in the field are proud to do what they do and would encourage their children to get into the manufacturing industry. To read more click here-> Survey



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