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At Onex, our combustion systems & controls include performing tune-ups on combustion systems. To ensure optimum furnace operations it is recommended to tune the combustion system seasonally due to changes in atmospheric temperatures and pressures. Tune Up services will be supported with a report detailing “as found” and “as left” conditions. The report will also include recommendations for refractory or mechanical repairs as well as safety upgrades. The tune up will ensure proper air flow and gas increasing energy efficiency.

Preventative Maintenance

Prevention starts with knowledge. By ensuring your combustion systems & controls are functioning optimally you can prevent unplanned outages. Onex can provide onsite training for your maintenance team so they are able to troubleshoot problems, identify potentially dangerous conditions and communicate issues effectively with management. Proper training can improve reliability, lower operational costs and decrease down time, which will then extend the equipment life and reduce production/maintenance costs. If your maintenance crew is overextended; Onex offers annual maintenance agreements to service your furnace combustion and refractory systems.

Survey Preparation

When your clients require a new survey zone requirement, Onex can help you determine if your furnace is able to meet the requirement in its required current condition. We can recommend upgrades to meet the requirement. Then, we can setup the furnace to ensure it will meet the third party survey requirements.

Upgrades and Retrofits

Our technicians can bring new life to any combustion systems & controls for equipment that needs modifications or updates. These updates will lower your costs of energy, improve reliability, increase efficiency, lower operating costs, decrease startups time and simplify maintenance.


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