Blue Diamond Car Bottom Furnace

Car Bottom Furnace

Car furnaces or Car Bottom Furnaces are the workhorse of the thermal processing industry. This very versatile design allows customers freedom in work space and load size. The limiting factor of a car bottom furnace is typically the load on the car.

This equipment can be configured in the following ways in order to accommodate space and building constraints.

  • Door on Car
  • Guillotine Door
  • Tip Up
  • Double Guillotine Door / Double Car (Allows loading from both sides)
  • Moving furnace / Fixed Hearth
  • Over Fired
  • Over / Under Fired

Car Bottom Furnaces can be used for multiple thermal process such as stress relief, quenching, normalizing and aging of various materials. The temperature range of car bottom furnaces is typically 1200°F – 2200°F with a uniformity in the range of +/- 25°F

Custom Engineered Furnace Systems Maintenance 

Onex provides custom designed furnace solutions for a multitude of heat intensive industries. We work with you to design a furnace best fit for you known “areas of pain” such as space requirements, government specifications, energy efficiency, and operational costs. From building to maintaining your furnace, we provide a complete compliment of support services to assist you prior to the purchase of the equipment, as well as, after the manufacture and delivery. We have a dedicated staff personnel for support and to serve a wide variety of customer requirements. Some of our support services include:

Start-Up Supervision and Training

Most personnel are unknowing of safe start-up/shutdown, daily operation, inspection and maintenance procedures of combustion equipment due to inadequate training. Onex offers onsite training designed to provide long term, sustainable programs for maintaining the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of your industrial furnaces. Combustion training provides the necessary tools to empower you and your personnel to safely operate, troubleshoot, inspect and maintain fuel-fired equipment.

Installation Services and Repairs

Onex provides complete refractory installation with masons who are trained professionals in all refractory material installation methods.

Field Technical Support

Our technical services staff provides direct support to our field service and start-up personnel solving  on-site challenges.

Material Procurement 

Onex houses an inventory of refractory materials to respond quickly to your needs. We provide the best material for your application due to our relationships with vendors.


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