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Addicted to Busy?

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‘Tis the Season to be busy! Most of us are running around like crazy trying to accomplish everything we normally do in a day plus add in the holiday shopping, wrapping, baking and parties. Before you know it the season will have passed in a blur. How would you feel if you took some time to stop and smell the cookies? 

What happens when you have a day when nothing is planned on the calendar…a free day? Yes, every once in a while it happens. Do you fill it with things to do or do you relax and enjoy quality time with the family? My family received the precious gift of nothing on the schedule and we were quick to jump to talking about how to fill the day with craziness. However, we took a pause and ended up spending the day as a family, hanging out around the house with friends and recovering from being busy. But it led me to question, “Are we addicted to busy as a society now?”

In our homes and at work, are we slowing down enough to connect with people or are we multitasking and completing all the work without a human connection? I noticed I was multitasking while others were talking to me. I was answering questions and solving problems at a rapid pace, but I was not really hearing what was needed behind the request. I was not paying attention to body language. I was not asking the follow-up questions to dig deeper.

So, I have decided I will proactively be more mindful. I will not form my answer before hearing the whole question. I will look for underlying clues to how someone is feeling or what is not being said. I will not pick up my phone to scroll when I have a quiet minute that could be used for reflection. I will stop and listen when my family is speaking to me. I will take time to bake treats for family and friends. I will enjoy the lights on the tree and reflect on all the things I have to be grateful for. 

I hope that you too will join me in being less busy and more mindful. I hope that you too will stop and smell the cookies. 

I have a few recipes I make every holiday season. One of my favorites to share at the office is Magic Cookie Bars. Once I was asked, “What makes Magic Cookie Bars magical?” I jokingly replied, “The sugar content.” I love to smell them baking in the oven and eating them warm right out of the dish.

Here is the recipe in case you would like to give them a try:

If you cannot find the time to bake a holiday treat, maybe you can find a sugar cookie candle and light it. Reflect on the magic of the holiday season and instead of being busy, try to quiet your mind and enjoy all that life offers in the calm moments.

I once read, “Nature does not reveal itself when you are driving by at 65 mph.” I could not agree more. The holiday spirit will not appear as you are rushing through the season. It will appear when you take a moment to stop being busy.

From me to you, I wish for you a calm, quiet holiday filled with the scents of the season.

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