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03 Apr: Efficiency & Process Optimization

Like many of you, we have experienced up and down cycles. During these challenging times, it is appropriate to reflect on what has been most effective over the long term. A few ideas that we always come back to are a commitment to continuous improvement, process optimization, and lean principles overall.

01 Apr: Don’t Forget the Brick!

During the past 40 years in the refractory industry, I have seen, and been part of the continuing effort to develop monolithic refractories as the go to product for most of the heat intensive industries. However, there are still applications where brick is a better choice.

onex combustion
10 Mar: The Blue Diamond Series – Blue Diamond Melters & Holders

Welcome back to Onex’s blog series on our Blue Diamond Industrial Furnaces. If you have been keeping up with this blog, then you already know that Onex is recognized in the industry for a wide range of services, from refractory to combustion services to precast shapes.

12 Dec: Turning the Heat On

In Erie, PA, we’re starting to feel the chill of winter this year! And although it may be cold outside, Onex’s has a few other reasons for turning on the heat this season.

economic waves
25 Oct: Riding the Economic Waves

Let’s face it. The last two decades have been tough on the manufacturing sector. One year we’re up, and suddenly the next, we’re down.


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