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09 Oct: Coach Approach

Today’s organizations are faced with an engagement crisis that can only be fixed by hyper focusing on developing and energizing…

14 Sep: Our Future is Bright

September is here and for a lot of companies this month marks the beginning of Strategic Planning Season. This is…

02 Jul: Grounded: Reinventing Airline Travel

I never realized how much I loved to travel until the gift was taken away suddenly with the appearance of COVID-19. I had three trips in span of three months that were cancelled. The “stay-at-home” order made me feel like a caged animal some days. All I wanted to do was go anywhere and do anything. Did you feel the same way?

12 Mar: Mining for Gold in a World of Low Unemployment

This year, I have my whole leadership team focused on our succession plan. The company is growing and experiencing retirements all at once. Here are a few out of the box ways we have found to identify and train talent.


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